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Year 1

On October 3rd, Year 1 were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Framingham castle! We had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning lots about castles by getting first-hand experience of what it would have been like to live in a castle. We enjoyed creating some castle drawings to help us learn about the different parts of a castle. We also explored the different materials that a castle is made of to help with our science learning. Finally, we enjoyed walking around the castle ramparts and moat as well as going on a scavenger hunt.


Year 1 Victorian Day

Year 1 Victorian Day 1
Year 1 Victorian Day 2
Year 1 Victorian Day 3
Year 1 Victorian Day 4

Year 1 Castle Day

Year 1 Castle Day 1
Year 1 Castle Day 2
Year 1 Castle Day 3
Year 1 Castle Day 4

Year 1 RE Day

Year 1 RE Day 1
Year 1 RE Day 2
Year 1 RE Day 3
Year 1 RE Day 4

Year 1 Maths

Year 1 Maths 1
Year 1 Maths 2
Year 1 Maths 3
Year 1 Maths 4