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School Clubs

Have a look at some of the children's thoughts about the clubs being run here at Halifax Primary School. They can be found at the bottom of this page.


All Year

Reading Club - Every Monday all lunchtime

Homework Club - Every Tuesday all lunchtime

Cookery Club - Monday 3.15 to 4.45pm


Autumn Term 2016

Mondays   12.15-12.45pm       KS2 Ukelele Club (Music Room)

Mondays   12.45-1.10pm         KS2 Challenge Club (KS2 Playground)

Mondays   3.15-4.15pm           Selected Water Confidence (Swimming Pool)

Mondays   3.15-4.30pm           KS1 Multiskills

Tuesdays   12.30-1pm              Yr3/4 Football Club (Ball Cage)

Tuesdays   12.45-1.10pm        Yrs 5/6 Basketball Club (Sports Hall)
Tuesdays   3.15-4.00pm          Yrs 5/6 Running Club (KS2 Field)
Tuesdays   3.15-4.15pm          Yrs 1/2 Football Club (Sports Hall)

Tuesdays   3.15-4.30pm          Drama Club (KS1 Middle Area)



Wednesdays  12.35-1.10pm     KS2 Orchestra (Music Room)

Wednesdays  12.20-12.50pm   Gifted and More Able Swimming Club (Swimming Pool)

Wednesdays   3.15-4.30pm      Yrs 5/6 Football Club (KS2 Field)

Thursdays   12.45-1.10pm       KS2 Beginner Recorders (Music Room)
Thursdays   12.30-1.10pm       KS2 Cheerleading (Sports Hall)
Thursdays   12.20-12.50pm     Waterpolo Club (Swimming Pool)
Thursdays     3.15-4.30pm       KS2 Gifted & Talented in Sport (Sports Hall)

Thursdays      3.15-4.15pm      KS2 Choir (5GH)

Fridays       3.45-4.30pm         Staff Fitness Circuits (Sports Hall)

Picture 1 Hip Hop Dance Club KS1
Picture 2 Hip Hop Dance Club KS1
Picture 3 Swimming Confidence
Picture 4 Cookery Club
Picture 5 Cookery Club