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Halifax is a Musical School

The tradition of music expression, exploration and celebration is alive and kicking at Halifax School. All pupils have dedicated music sessions every week and develop their musicality through movement, song and instrumental performance. From reception through to Year 6 children learn to build a sophisticated understanding of the core elements of music: rhythm, pulse, tone, dynamics, pitch and texture, from simple call and response rhyming songs right through to multi-part songs with harmonic instrumental accompaniment.


For whole class music lessons, Halifax uses the Charanga music scheme, which offers a versatile and customisable structure to motivate pupils of all abilities; enabling them to actively participate within a class group and enjoy making individual progress as developing musicians.


Mrs Lee continues to lead the school choir from strength to strength, inspiring pupils to discover the joys of singing and unlocking hidden talents that the children themselves sometimes didn’t even realise they had! The choir performed brilliantly at the Young Voices 2017 event at the O2 Arena earlier this year, alongside 8,000 other pupils from school choirs across the country. The choir also continue to be in demand for performances within school and for external events, such as the Sailmakers shopping centre at Christmas time and as a key part of the annual Belstead Singers concert.


All children learn a musical instrument at some point during their time at Halifax. In Year 5 all pupils are loaned and learn to play a clarinet, with Whole Class Ensemble Teaching provided by Suffolk County Music Service. This culminates in public and school performances in the summer term, which gives the children ample opportunity to showcase their hard earned musical skills. Children who excel in their clarinet learning, and who are keen to continue, are offered small group tuition in the instrument in Year 6, to take their performance and musical learning to the next level.


Children can also apply for individual and small group music tuition in brass instruments and violin. In this way, Halifax provides a platform for natural talent to engage in the fundamental disciplines of musical study, practice and performance. Pupils can also be entered for graded music exams in their chosen instrument, and we are very proud of the successes we continue to have with pupils taking their grades.


All children learning an instrument at Halifax have a lot of fun getting acquainted with their instruments and really show off their considerable achievements at our end of term Musical Extravaganzas. At these events other children (and adults!) also get the chance to sing songs they have learnt in front of an excited and very appreciative audience.


Lunchtime and after school clubs will once again be an important part of Halifax’s musical portfolio. Pupils who have been playing their instrument for more than a year attend Orchestra club. A new Ukulele club will be taking place this year, primarily aimed at Year 3 pupils, and a new Recorder Club is also in the pipeline.


If you have any queries about your child’s musical education at Halifax, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr Willey, our Music Co-ordinator.