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Year 6 Waterfront Visit

Year 6 Waterfront Visit 1
Year 6 Waterfront Visit 2
Year 6 Waterfront Visit 3
Year 6 Waterfront Visit 4

As part of our topic, 'The Town Around Us' children from Y6 went to the Ipswich Waterfront and learnt about a whole range of landmarks along it. They discovered interesting facts about The Old Custom House, University of Suffolk and Wherry Lane amongst others. The children also had time to look at a view and sketch it into their art pads. these were turned into fantastic water colour paintings later in the term.

End of Topic Presentations

End of Topic Presentations 1
End of Topic Presentations 2
End of Topic Presentations 3

To end our project about 'The Town Around Us', Y6 children realised there is little for actual children along the waterfront in Ipswich. So, as an exit point for the ir topic, the children were tasked by the Ipswich Waterfront Authority to create a children's centre. The had one hour to come up with ideas and then another hour to finalise their centre and then create a presentation to the Authority Board. The Board were massively impressed at how professional they were.